A discretion of some of the characters can be found on this website:

  • Ralph:external image B011A.JPG
  • boy
  • fair hair
  • leader of the group
  • 12 years old
  • golden body
  • meets a fat boy
  • can swim since he was five
  • was taught how to swim by his dad
  • his dad is in the navy
  • handsome
  • protagonist
  • elected by boys
  • represents order
  • trys hard to stay in charge
  • calm
  • oldest boy
  • an only child

  • Piggy:
  • boy
  • fat and awkward
  • wears glasses
  • has asthma
  • cant swim
  • clumsy
  • antagonist
  • trys to help, but no one wants it
  • always gets picked on
  • follows Ralph
  • refers to his aunt a lot
  • made a feast of fruit for when they group split into two
  • obedient
  • only child
  • Pessimistictries
  • wants to use conch

  • Jack Merridew:
  • boyexternal image 2.jpg
  • leader of the choir
  • looks up to Ralph
  • his people are all dressed the same
  • has a knife
  • antagonist
  • cruel and is caught up with hunting and killing pigs.
  • wants power
  • like a savage
  • likes to hunt
  • thinks meat is more important thing keeping the fire up
  • one of the older boys
  • represents savage
  • manipulates other boys
  • he talks more then he does. he acts more then what he auctually is.
  • jealous of Ralph
  • tries to steal people from Ralph after they split.
  • chief of scavengers
  • very violent leader/created ritual which requires eating a pigs head
  • the dark side of human

Simonexternal image 22768089.jpg
  • boy
  • shy
  • sensitive
  • does anything people tell him to do
  • holds goodness in his heart
  • kind towards the younger boys
  • not under the thoughts/actions of everyone else in society
  • respects moral
  • acts out of his hear
  • connected to nature
  • focuses on whats right

the lord of the flies"
  • the physical form of the beast
  • reprsents evil in humans
  • very mysterious
  • devil like
  • Eric's twin
  • boy
  • stays with Ralph and Piggy
  • "samneric"
  • is always with Eric

  • Sam's twin
  • boy
  • stays with Ralph and Piggy
  • "samneric
  • is always with Sam

  • In the Choir
  • boy
  • hunter

  • In the Choir
  • boy
  • went with Ralph and Jack to go see what was on the mountain at night
  • hunter

  • In the Choir
  • boy

  • In the Choir
  • boy

  • In the Choir
  • boy

  • In the Choir
  • boy

  • self-confident
  • little guyexternal image Lord+of+the+Flies+pig+on+stick.jpg
  • had a bad dream

The Beast"the lord of the flies"

  • The creature who Simon believes is in the forest
  • represents Jack and Ralph
  • imagination of the boys
Percival Wemys Madison
  • boy
  • one of the smallest on the island
  • becomes hysterical and needs comfort

The Naval Officer
  • Who Ralph sees first before the others do
  • Appears at the end of the story
  • On a ship searching around or inspecting the island.